Imagine | Phoenix Arts Centre

threelittlebirdsAn overwhelming performance by Boathouse Theatre, that was the tone of the majority of the comments from an audience who came to see our performance, IMAGINE.

It was held at the Phoenix Arts Centre; ‘brilliant, funny and moving’ was also heard from a number of the 255 people who turned up to watch the show.

As the audience arrived they were greeted by a Samba band called BLOCO FOGO who managed to play outside in the sunshine and provided the entertainment during the interval in their colourful outfits. When the curtain went up the Boathouse Theatre Company were dressed in black and had white gloves on, which were lit up by UVA lighting, and the company signed to John Lennon’s Imagine; it was very moving and set the standard for the rest of the afternoon.

In the first act, the cast performed an abridged version of ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE which was back by popular demand from November last year; the second act was based on stories the company had written themselves, some true, some fictional, some sad, some funny, and what was refreshing was the cast were able to perform their own work.

Towards the end, and after another signing of IMAGINE, bringing more lumps to the throats, the company were joined on stage by the younger members of BOATHOUSE FOR CHILDREN and young adults from BOATHOUSE WITH PARCHMENT TRUST.

There were 60 out of the 85 members of Boathouse signing and singing to Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds, and an encore had the whole of the audience joining in.

What was most remarkable about this whole performance was that the whole cast who performed in this show have some form of disability or special need.

Kevin Barry, Chairman, said

It was our best show by far and I am very proud of everyone who took part, not just the members on stage but all the volunteers who worked back stage , helped with raffles and provided support. To see so many people turn up and support us was a massive reward for all the hard work that went into it. I must say a special thankyou to our two drama teachers Millie Rowland and Alex Upjohn who brought it all together.”