Millie Rowland

Millie RowlandHello,

I am a drama tutor for Boathouse Theatre Arts and here’s all about me!

When I was younger I was always in school plays and was a member of Mercatoria Drama School as a teenager where I was in several plays before they closed. I studied drama and performing arts through school and college, where I excelled with A and B grades, and then studied BA (Hons) Drama at University of Surrey, Roehampton, in which I achieved a 2.1 and my final dissertation was written about the disabled person in theatre.

I have worked with children and adults with disabilities for many years and have a sister with cerebral palsy. Several years ago I started to specialise in Autistic Spectrum Disorders, and am now self-employed supporting vulnerable adults.

I am the founder of Millie’s Nightclub, a local nightclub for adults with disabilities which is held once a month.

Both the theatre and working with people with disabilities are strong passions of mine, so when I was approached about working for Boathouse Theatre Arts, I jumped at it! And here we are, Boathouse Theatre Arts is an amazing performing theatre company and we have a lot of fun.