Meet the team

There has been a lot happening since we did our first session on the 16th January 2011 and a lot more people have been involved with running Boathouse whether it is a Saturday, Sunday or Wednesday.

We thought it would be a good idea to give you some names, some you already know, so if you see them wandering around you can introduce yourselves and say hello. We will start with the volunteers and teachers as they are the most important people, without them we would struggle.


Millie RowlandMillie Rowland

Boathouse Theatre Company and Boathouse with Parchment.

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Alex UpjohnAlex Upjohn

Boathouse Theatre Company and Boathouse For Children.

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Katie Cotton profileKatie Cotton

Visiting Dance Teacher –  Contemporary dance & movement.

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  • Andrew Daniels | Singing Teacher
  • Juliett Dodde | Prop Maker/Artist
  • Charlotte Woodgate | Boathouse for Children
  • Chris | Helper Boathouse Theatre Company
  • Mary & Emma | Saturday Group
  • April | PMLD Group
  • Denise Upjohn | Assistant Boathouse For Children
  • Janet Moore | Café
  • Semra Speedy | Café
  • Emma | Sunday Group
  • Georgia | Sunday Group
  • Tegan | Sunday Group

Olivia BarryOlivia Barry

Student representative committee member of Boathouse. Olivia was instrumental in setting up Boathouse and designed the logo which is featured on the T-shirts.

Proud of being Welsh, she based the design on Dylan Thomas’s writing shed at The Boathouse in Laugharne; the theme for the children’s performance in December is to be based on ‘A Child’s Christmas in Wales’. Olivia leads the warm-up and cool-down parts of each session.


  • Kevin Barry | Chairman & Trustee
  • Kim Barry | Treasurer & Trustee
  • Sue Smith-Bird | Secretary & Trustee
  • Olivia Barry | Member
  • Millie Rowland |  Trustee & Student Services Co-Ordinator
  • John Hassell OBE | Trustee & Educational Advisor
  • David Lench | Member
  • Katie Cotton | Trustee & Fundraising Advisor
  • Jean Duffy | Member
  • Alex Upjohn | Member